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Dr. med. Jens Otte

Doctor for plastic and aesthetic surgery, FMH

Academic studies of human medicine in Germany, Hungary, USA
Education as medical specialist in Germany, Switzerland
Advanced training in Switzerland, USA, Australia, South Africa
Member of the German society for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
Member of the German society for anti-aging medicine
Certified for Byonik-Laser, certified for Macrolane
Certified for Thermage
Teachers: Prof. Dr. N. Olivari, Prof. Dr. G. Ingianni,
Prof. Dr. R. R. Olbrisch, Dr. Chr. Wolfensberger,
Dr. P. Ansari, Dr. A. H. DeCherney, Dr. Peggy Howrigan,
Dr. D. A. Cooley, Dr. M. Spira, Dr. G. W. Johnson,
Dr. R. Barnett, Dr. C. Sharpe