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Costs for cosmetics and more

Consultation : 100,- CHF

Costs for cosmetics

Eyelash dying 35,- CHF
Brow dying 25,- CHF
Brow forming 25,- CHF
Brow twitching from 15,- CHF
„Eyes total“ 150,- CHF
Day-Make up (incl. consultation) 60,- CHF
Night-Make up (incl. consultation) 80,- CHF
Bride-Make up (incl. consultation) 350,- CHF
Consultation: 100,- CHF

Costs for facial treatments

All facials are performed with the American skin care line "IMAGE".
After the treatment you can immediately go back to your work – but much more fresh!

„Image-4-Layer-Facelift“ Facial Treatment (30 Min) 140,- CHF
„Image-Signature-Facial“ Facial Treatment (45 Min) 180,- CHF
“Image-Glycol-Peel” Facial Treatment (30 Min) 150,- CHF
“Image Refresh” Package (6 treatments) from 700,- CHF
Consultation: 100,- CHF

Costs for body treatments

Massage against cellulite by body area: e.g. stomach, legs,... ca. 30 Min.) 85,- CHF
Special offer: 10 treatments + 1x for free 850,- CHF

Costs for cosmetic products

Image Skin Care, USA

Our products cost between 39,- CHF and 198,- CHF (price 2012).
We are also happy to ship the products (plus 15,- CHF for shipping).

and more ...

Consultation: 100,- CHF

Costs for byonik

Byonik-Laser (per zone, e.g. hands, face, neck,...) 260,- CHF
Byonik-Laser with facial
11th treatment of the same zone is free!
290,- CHF

Byonik laser treatment to promote wound healing and the rapid improvement of scarring:

Byonik-Laser for scars á 50,- CHF
Byonik-Laser-package „facelift“ with neck (6 treatments) 320,- CHF
Consultation: 100,- CHF

Costs for radiage

Radiage (per zone, eg lip or forehead twinkles) 90,- CHF
Radiage (both hands) 130,- CHF
Consultation: 100,- CHF

Costs for Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions new (as many lashes as possible!) 240,- CHF
Lash Extensions new (20-30) 180,- CHF
Lash Extensions Touch up / refill from 85,- CHF
Lash Extensions - Professional removal 30,- CHF
Mink Lashes Surcharge 20,- CHF
Special Lash Extensions and/or package on enquiry
Consultation: 100,- CHF

Costs for manicure and pedicure

Manicure (gelcolor by OPI) 65,- CHF
Pedicure (gelcolor by OPI) 65,- CHF
Consultation: 100,- CHF

Costs for permament make up

Eye Brows 800,- CHF
Eyeliner above 500,- CHF
Eyeliner below 600,- CHF
Eyeliner above and below the eye 900,- CHF
Lip Contour 900,- CHF
Lip Contour with shades 1.150,- CHF
Specials & Packages on enquiry
Consultation: 100,- CHF

Costs for white teeth

White teeth on enquiry