In collaboration with my colleague, Dr. Michael Pichelmair, Specialist in ORL, we now offer corrective interventions by:

  • Hooked noses
  • Crooked noses
  • Tip of the noses
  • and Sides of the nose

The goal of aesthetic rhinoplasty is changing the shape of the nose to a balanced harmonious facial image.

In order to achieve this, various techniques of nose surgery are applied. A rhinoplasty can be either a "simple" correcting a hooked nose, but also a very complicated correction of the nose tip.

Quick Overview of treatment:

  • Operation mostly under general anesthesia, rarely semiconscious sedation
  • Dismissal either the day of surgery or the day after.
  • Able to work after 2 weeks (removing plaster)
  • Rather low painful intervention

The sites of my cooperation partner Dr. Michael Pichelmair

Dr. Michael Pichelmaier
Facharzt für ästhetisch-funktionelle Kopf/Halschirurige